The Advantage of Loofah Back Scrubber for Shower

1. Natural skin care: natural loofah back scrubber does not contain chemical ingredients, natural skin material so that your body and mind are very relaxed

2, oil control acne: loofah swells after immersion in water, the fiber becomes soft and tough, the unique structure can effectively clean the pores, exfoliate; its natural ingredients can also neutralize the skin oil, to achieve the role of acne

loofah back scrubber

3, detoxification beauty: loofah unique medicinal value, acne, hemorrhoids and other skin diseases have a good effect and preventive health effects; can also effectively relieve skin redness, pustules and other symptoms

luffa back scrubber
4, promote metabolism: natural loofah-like human meridians, to shape complement, rubbing the skin can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, activate cell vitality, delay skin aging, have a certain relief effect on poor color

5, slow down the small belly: the stomach is the source of "obesity", control the small belly, is the best choice to control weight. When taking a bath, cycling a small belly can speed up gastrointestinal motility and promote metabolism. It has a certain relief effect on constipation and indigestion!

1. Use this product for bathing, please put this product in warm water first, and use it directly after fully absorbing water

2, delicate skin, when using this product, you can first wipe the shower gel, play the bath and then use this massage bath

3. After use, rinse with clean water and dry in a ventilated place to prevent bacterial growth and prolong service life


1. What is the difference between a loofah shower back scrubber and a regular luffa back scrubber?

A: loofah back scrubber, using the natural loofah's health, skin beauty principle, combined with antibacterial, moisture-absorbing fiber grinding surface material, natural decontamination does not hurt the skin, light and easy to wash very clean!

2. Will loofah scratch the skin?

A: No! Loofah looks rough and rough, but it is soft and delicate. It swells when exposed to water, and it is gentle and refreshing when rubbing the skin. After use, it can eliminate fatigue and make people refreshed.

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