What's the Best Back Scratcher for Yourself Need

What’s the Back Scratcher

Back Scratcher is the tool if use your hands can’t reach on your body part while the itches

Why do we need it

Did you have this experience in your life before? your back very itch and you can't reach it using your hands, but you don't know how to fix it and sometimes you have to ask the other people to solve it; I think the back scratcher will be satisfied for your this requirement

How many kinds of Back Scratchers and What's the advantage for disadvantage for them

Wooden Back Scratcher

1, Made by environmental protection materials
2, Also can reach your on your back part and solve you back itch issues
It's can't be telescoping and bigger but the top of the back scratcher which not sharply and sometimes can't reach on you back if you are taller

Bamboo Back Scratcher
1, As you see, this kind of Back scratcher made by Bamboo with environmental protection materials
2, Can reach on your back and solve you back itch issues
The big problem is this kind of back scratcher is bigger and can't be collapsible

Electric Back Scratcher
No need to use your hands for scratching you back and handsfree
the big disadvantage is this kind of back scratcher need the electric and can't be extendable

Metal Extendable Back Scratcher
1, This tool is more useful and practical for the people to solve their back issue and can be extendable when you can't reach there
2, Sharp and Easy to solve you back itch issues
3, Save your room space

Must use your hands to scratching your back

What's the best recommendation for I choose the back scratcher

This item was the best to choose to recommend

【3PCS Set 】- Back scratchers Kit includes Hand Fingers , Bearclaw and Eagle Claw Backscratcher with Telescoping and Extendable Function
【Long & Sharp 】- the Bear Claw Backscratcher can Extend from 8.27 inch to 22.64 inch; the Hand Back Scratcher can Extend from 7.875 inch to 26.8 inch and the Eagle Claw Backscratcher can Extend from 8.67 inch to 22.84 inch

Material: Extendable Stainless steel Products body with Soft Rubber Handle

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