Share a few bathing showers that everyone is easy to make

Bathing is a favorite thing for everyone, but do you know everything you need to pay attention to when taking a shower? The following small series for everyone to sort out a few bathing notes:

1. The water temperature of the bath should be suitable. In the summer, it is not chilly to bathe with cold water. In winter, the water temperature is hotter and more bactericidal. The water temperature is too hot and the vapor is too strong, and the skin is too red and hot and not good.

Washing your face with hot water often causes the skin to age. Generally, the water temperature is controlled at 40 to 50 degrees, and the baby's water temperature should be around 40 degrees
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2. Bathing can't be washed hard, and it's unscientific to use it when taking a bath. The "mud" that we have on our body is the stratum corneum of human skin. On the surface of the human body, there is a layer of dead skin covering the whole body, the thickness is less than 0.1 mm, but the effect is very important. It is a natural defense against human health, which is effective in blocking pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and health-hazard rays.

The replacement speed of these dead skins is very slow and varies from body to body. The fastest replacement is the elbow, which takes 10 days, and the inner side of the upper arm takes 100 days. Bathing hard and washing will destroy this layer of dead skin, and the new dead skin will not be produced very quickly, which is equivalent to automatically withdrawing this natural defense line


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3. When washing, you should wash your hair and wash your body. Because when you wash your hair, the water will rush on your body, so that the pores of the body will gradually open due to heat, and “spit” the sputum so that you can thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Take care of bathing with toiletries. Many bath products contain chemical synthetic ingredients. How to distinguish them? 99.9% of the scented shower gel contains toxic substances, which are easy to cause in the body. The nervous system and lymphatic system operate abnormally. If the color is too bright, they are all pigment dyes. They are industrial grade azo dyes and there are more than 2,000 azo dyes. , mostly carcinogens! In the case of taking a bath every day in the summer, reduce the number of toiletries or use it every other day.


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The use of toiletries should also be noted that the bathing agent itself has a strong cleaning power. It contains an interface active agent. If the shower gel is applied directly to the body, after a long period of time, a piece of skin will be easily peeled off. The shampoo is the same, no The blister is washed directly on the head. It will be easy to lose hair after a long time, and there is a risk of baldness.

Therefore, it is necessary to use water to form a bubble and then clean it. On the one hand, it avoids hurting the skin, on the other hand, it does not clean. Nowadays, many girls are like this. I don't know that excessive cleaning will cause the skin to age prematurely. Even after washing the lotion, it will be repaired.


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4. Master the best time to take a bath, scientifically speaking, don't wash before meals and when you are hungry, it is easy to cause hypoxia and temporary anemia. It is not good to wash immediately after meals, preferably one hour or more after a meal. time. Bathing before going to bed will eliminate the fatigue of the day and make you fall asleep easily, but long-term wet hair can easily lose your hair.

Bathing in the morning is best for health so that you can have a good spirit all day, and avoid the problem of your hair not sleeping when you dry it. However, children do not need to take a bath every day, because bathing will make the child exhausted. Scrubbing soap will remove the oil on the surface of the skin, and this layer of oil plays an important role in keeping children warm, preventing infection and external stimuli. It is not replaceable by any other refined oil.


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5 bathing is a way to relax the body and mind, relax and decompression, but also need to control the time, otherwise "enjoy" becomes "uncomfortable." Each bathing time can be 10-15 minutes, not more than 20 minutes, bathing time is too long, easy chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, especially high blood pressure, people with heart disease need to shorten the bathing time.

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