Which are Best Two Choices for Women Shaver

In the summertime, the girls’ sleeveless skirts, small slings, and bikinis are on the scene. At the same time that everyone has a scented shoulder and a slim figure, a small problem can be awkward: the leg hair and the mane are too heavy, What should we do?

Many people may choose to shave. There are two common simple and convenient ways to remove hair: hair removal cream and razor. If you really want to scrape, what kind of hair removal method is best?

Let's analyze it separately.

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trimmer & razor:

Advantages: Suitable for all types of skin, no need to worry about allergies.

Requires attention:

Exfoliate before shaving: Before shaving with a razor, exfoliate the skin to prevent the skin oil and dead skin cells from getting stuck in the blade during shaving, which also makes the shaving more thorough. It is best to use disposable razors: razors that have not been replaced for a long time are often covered with bacteria, which can easily lead to skin infections. Blunt, even rusted razors can cause skin cuts or scratches. So whether it's shaving hair, chest hair or leg hair, it's best to use a disposable blade and don't share a razor with others. Scrape from bottom to top: shaving should follow the direction of hair growth, that is, scraping from bottom to top. This will not cause pain, but also avoid damage to hair follicles and hair endogenous. Don't be too hard or too anxious: scratching too hard or too fast will increase your chances of being scratched, bleeding or even infected. Remember: A sharp blade can make your skin white and smooth, and it can also make it bloody.

Hair removal cream

The hair removal cream is a chemical containing calcium thioglycolate which dissolves the hair structure and softens the hair to achieve hair removal.

Advantages: The pain is lighter, it is not easy to destroy the hair follicle, and the risk of cut or bleeding is low.


Need to pay attention: as a chemical preparation, hair removal cream must not be able to avoid allergic problems. Therefore, before deciding to use the depilatory cream, it should be repeatedly confirmed that all parts that need to be depilated will not be allergic after skin contact, otherwise, it must be used with caution.

In order to prevent infection, skin damage wound parts, face and genitals are best not to use hair removal cream to remove hair.

In short, when choosing the weapon for shaving, the factors that should not be considered: whether it is allergic to itself, the method of shaving, and the quality of the weapon

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