Which parts of Man body need to be shaved

For men's chest hair, in fact, everyone has different opinions. Some people think that it is very sexy and does not need to be scrapped. Some people think that beauty is not enough and needs to be repaired. Regardless of your attitude towards body hair, want to take care of it? Or trim it, or even shave it all, you can find the right way to solve it below.

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Chest hair can increase your sexual attraction to women, emphasizing male hormones, but it is best to pair with a stronger chest muscle. When the chest is too long or too curly, you should consider trimming it. This kind of chest hair looks not beautiful enough, it will make you look too embarrassed, cut it short or completely shaved according to your own preferences. Complete shaving will make you look clean and refreshed. If you like the masculine qualities of chest hair, you can also choose to trim it neatly, making the chest hair too messy and curly is not something that a refined man should do

beauty personal care

If your navel hair is directly connected to the chest hair, it is recommended that you leave only the hair near and below the belly button. You must shave everything else. It is easier to make you look rude and unsightly than the chest hair. You can also choose to cut it a little more neatly instead of using a full shave.

Leg hair is the hair that you can show with the most unbridled hair. 98% of men have more or less leg hair, and the right amount of leg hair makes you more masculine. You can't shave it all off. If the leg is too long and looks like wearing a pair of pants, then it is recommended that you trim it when you wear shorts in the summer, so as not to affect your overall image. You can use serrated scissors to trim its density, taking care not to make it too short, otherwise, it will look strange
beauty personal care

The mane can help the underarms to sweat. We usually don't recommend men to shave their hair, but in the summer you can trim it a bit shorter to alleviate the stench caused by the excessive mane. If your underarms love to sweat, it is also recommended that you trim it to avoid excessively licking the sweat directly onto the clothes

Less pubic hair will make women feel that you are not mature enough, even a little childish, and the amount of sweating in the genitals is more, and the pubic hair can play a breathable role. If you are erect, often because the pubic hair is too long to be rolled up, feel uncomfortable, you should consider trimming the pubic hair, and can make your Tintin look cleaner, cut short with scissors is a good way, there will be no shaving Itching discomfort when growing again

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1. In the winter, choose a weak acid shower gel to clean the body. In summer, choose a foam-rich shower gel. The foam can effectively clean the dirt and bacteria contained in the body hair.

2. Do not wash your body and body hair with strong alkaline soap. Strong alkali will not only make your skin too dry but also make your body hair dry and yellow.

3. When choosing body lotion, you can choose products that contain nut oil or plant extracts, because these oils can help your body hair to be supple and penetrate to nourish it.

4. After washing with shower gel, you can regularly clean the body hair with shampoo (breast hair and leg hair are best used for this method), shampoo can thoroughly clean the dirt on the hair, while still, It can help open the scales and transport nutrients. Of course, if you have patience, you can spray a little men's disposable hair spray afterward, which can control the secretion of oil in the body parts in the summer, especially the men's fragrance. Can help you maintain a good taste.

5. Every time you need to pay special attention to cleaning the hair of the two parts of the underarm and the genital area, because it is tightly airtight for a long time, and it is easy to sweat, which will cause bacteria to breed and give off an unpleasant taste. The bath should be sprayed with a thick foam every time you clean it, then gently rub it with your fingers.

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