How to choose the best Bluetooth headset

How to choose the best headset neckband with low latency pair time, there are so many earphones on the market, but how can the consumers choose among the Bluetooth headset products,
Today I give some of the suggestion for your shopping and I hope it's will help you

1) How to judge the best Bluetooth headset

the great Bluetooth earphones have high resolution, instruments and vocals are better separated, and more specific details can be heard
Through pure sound earphone, it is possible to roughly judge the approximate position of various instruments in the music from far to near
the great Bluetooth headset will feel the low, medium and high which are performance is natural and the transition is smooth

2)What’s the noise cancelling function

The Bluetooth earphone wireless damage to the ear not because it's closer to the ear; but too much noise in the noise circumstance, so the best way to choose noise canceling. From the point of view of protecting hearing, the more Bluetooth headset, that can isolate external noise, the easier it's to listen to music at a lighter volume.

3)How do I find the right volume suit me?

Choose the special quiet environment and choose what you like music usually listen to, turn up the volume from the min to max, decide the correct volume after you like

4) Advantage and disadvantage of in-ear Bluetooth earphones

In-ear earphones style has better sound play circumstance, especially in the noisy situation and the earphones are slightly disturbed in listening.
However, in-ear Bluetooth earphones wireless also have disadvantages and a few people will have obviously dis-comfortable

5) How to choose wire materials

If the external wire of the Bluetooth headset is a TPE noodle wire design, its biggest advantage is to prevent entanglement. As for the copper content inside, the higher the conductivity, the lower the distortion. The purity of oxygen-free copper is higher and the distortion is smaller

6) How to choose remote control

Wire control is a very important function of the Bluetooth earphone. When the volume is increased or decreased, these operations can be solved by Bluetooth headset. Pay attention to the compatibility of the headset at the same time

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