How do we Clip the Dog Nails ( Part Ⅰ)

First, Preparation for work

Preparation tools:

Dog nail Clippers;

● Hemostatic powder;

● Small snacks for rewards;

● Small towels or large towels (if you want to wrap a pet);

● Quiet space and plenty of patience.

Before cutting dog nails:

1. Make sure the dog is very relaxed and comfortable. If he has never cut the nails, do it a few times a day with it, one minute at a time, while tapping the dog nail clipper that will be used on it. respond to its voice in a gentle tone, tell the dogs not need to be afraid, and gently massage its ears to distract him and reduce its anxiety. Sit down with the dog, look at the dog at the same level, and talk gently with it to reduce dog stress.

Also, remember that if the owner is nervous, the dogs will feel it.

1, The whole process needs to calm, no matter whether the dogs need to cut or not, don't bring pressure and shadow to the dog.

2. In order to prevent the injury from happening, the hemostatic powder should be prepared in case the blood is blown if it is accidentally cut too close.

Try to avoid this happening, but don't over-blame yourself for a moment's miss, even experienced dog nail clippers sometimes have accidents.

3. To understand how to solve the problem that the dog does not cooperate.

If the dog keeps twitching, try the method in Step 1 and adjust slowly until you feel you can continue working. remember that dogs need to accept and trust their owners, and will need to spend a lot of time and effort now and in the future.

Second, cut dog nails

1. Hold your foot firmly and gently from the ankle of the dog, so that your hand and its claws are in the same direction, away from the dog.

Remember not to try to scratch its claws through the meat pad, even a very cooperative dog will be itching or discomfort and keep pulling away from the claws.

2.Tie the dog nail, gently place your finger under its paw and use your thumb to secure the toe that is trimming from above


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