How Many Kind of Beauty Instrument for Women

The beauty instrument is a machine that adjusts the body and the face according to the physiological functions of the human body. It has whitening, skin rejuvenation, freckle, wrinkle, hair removal, weight loss, etc. according to the function. Ultrasonic introduction, photon according to the name Rejuvenation, high-frequency electrotherapy, RF radio waves, electronic sputum spots, E-light permanent hair removal, Jafari nutrition introduction, and export.

Product Categories
The negative ion beauty instrument uses ultrasonic anion atomization technology to convert water into mist and release negative ions. It can open the pores and promote blood circulation, and achieve the most effective hydrating of daily facial beauty. It can really play the role of nutrition and deep cleansing. For the skin with acne and blackhead on the face, it can be more thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

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Photon skin rejuvenation instrument is a patented technology of strong pulse photon with wide wavelength and special wavelength. Its therapeutic effects on vascular and pigmented lesions have been widely recognized in society. After 4 to 6 treatments of photorejuvenation, satisfactory results can be obtained. Photon rejuvenation also removes wrinkles, treats erythema on the skin, and has an overall uniform cosmetic effect.

The aromatherapy physiotherapy device atomizes and completely decomposes the added plant essence and traditional Chinese medicine by ultrasonic vibration, and then releases a large amount of steam, which is combined with essential oils and traditional Chinese medicine ingredients to make the human epidermis easy to absorb, and can quickly lose weight, remove fat, and scent the body.

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Drive the wind and dampness, cure the feelings of fatigue, refresh the mind, strengthen the kidney, relieve skin aging, easily discharge waste, reduce the burden of organs. The fat loss meter is a new type of slimming instrument. It can simulate people's kneading, tapping, shaking, beating, pressing, massage, shiatsu, and other massage exercises, and can penetrate the muscles to produce high-speed micro-vibration, by consuming too much fat and heat, so that the loose muscles are tightened. Ultrasonic beauty skin softener combines the dual effects of ultrasonic vibration and induced voltage to clean and nutrient the deepest pores and massage meticulously. It activates the skin of the human body and has a significant effect on removing wrinkles and dark spots.

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