Some of important points need attention before buy Bluetooth Earphones

For music lovers, have a best Bluetooth earphones meaning is unparalleled to yourself

Using of Scene

Before you order Bluetooth earphones, the first point that needs to know is the usage scenario of the Bluetooth headset; If you need a quiet scene for office, creation, etc., you may need a pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, If you are out of the street or riding, wireless earphones can help you stay away from the constraints of the wire

Wearing comfort

There are many reasons affect the wearing comfort; The first is the wearing method. The mainstream Bluetooth earphones are worn in the ear, on ear and bone conduction

In addition, each type of wearing may also have other combinations of attributes

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I highly recommend in-ear and on ear;  in-ear style is not only better than the earbuds to fit the ear canal size of most people, it's also avoiding ear pain, and more able to play the function of the Bluetooth earphones (the fit of the ear canal has a small impact on the sound quality)

Since the in-ear style is so convenient, why choose an over-ear type? because the over-ear model has a larger size and can accommodate larger diaphragms and cavities. The existing Bluetooth headphones technology makes it easier to achieve perfect sound quality in large headphones

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Tips for before you buy

Before you buy Bluetooth earphones and don't want to be cheap. Some Bluetooth wireless earphones are cheap, and in fact, they are broken in a few days. each good earphone Bluetooth can last for at least a few years, and it feels durable and does not need to be replaced again

Choose Bluetooth headset must check the parameters before you buy, such as the sensitivity, the earplugs of diameter and other issues. for headphones with poor sound, don't buy it, so as not to damage your hearing problems

You can choose the wireless or Bluetooth function which can be used during your gym, exercise or other sports

Here has a Bluetooth earphone can recommend to your, this one can working over 25hours once you finish the charging, please free feel to check it

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