How to Choose the Best Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

There are so many noise-cancelling earphones on the market, but how to choose the best for yourself?

For the general categories of earphones can be divided into several according to the purpose: portable earphones, headphones, sports headphones, noise canceling headphones, voice headphones, wired headphones, and wireless headphones. Then choose among the above several to the different environment

best bluetooth earphones for gym
After you decide which one is a favorite option for selection, then you need to know 3 basic technical standards of earphones

Frequency response: The sensitivity value corresponding to the frequency is the frequency response. The less accurate statement is an area between the maximum sound and the minimum sound that the earphone can play. The range that human hearing can reach is about 20Hz-20000Hz. The current mature headset technology has met this requirement

In , the wider the response frequency range of the earphones, the wider the range of sound that can be expressed. Of course, the wider the range, the better, because the sounds that you can't hear will actually have a great impact on the sound quality

2Impedance: Pay attention to the difference between the meaning of the resistor. In the field of AC, except that the resistor will block the current, the capacitor and the inductor will also hinder the flow of current. This effect is called , and the impedance is the sum of the resistance and the in the vector. Generally speaking, the lower the impedance of the earphone, the higher the sensitivity, the easier it is to drive

Some people think that the higher the impedance of the earphones, the better the sound quality is actually not correct. should be distinguished according to the type of the main track.
However, the headphones with high impedance require large output power, and the higher the impedance, the harder it is to make the sensitivity is higher
bluetooth earphones noise cancelling
3, Sensitivity: The sound pressure level that can be emitted by the earphones when the input power of 1 is input to the earphones (the unit of sound pressure is decibel, the louder the sound pressure is, the louder the volume is). It is the size of the sound that the headset can make after entering the unit's power

Therefore, the higher the sensitivity with the lower the impedance, the easier to make earphones has sound quality

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