What's is the Loofah Back Scrubber and Sponge

Before we start to discuss this topic, you may wonder to know what's is the loofah back scrubber and it's really made by natural loofah?

loofah back scrubber


Let me introduce this kind of products, the loofah back scrubber part is made by loofah and other part made by terry cloth, also the loofah sponge is really made by natural loofah

So on the other hands why the Loofah Back Scrubber and luffa Sponge can be made very enjoyable feeling while my shower?


the original loofah products are at the normal size; not the special features; but after wash ( especially after hot water wash ) it's will be expanded and it's really can make that feeling to you, it's can reach the part of your body which you can touch it; it's also can solve your back itch issue

What's the advantage and disadvantage for loofah sponge and back scrubber

Obviously, the luffa back scrubber and sponge can provide you comfortable shower feeling and easy to carry travel another place if you want

but mostly of disadvantage is can be moldy if you are doesn't put the ventilation environment, because after wash our body the germs will be on the loofah products and the wet environment will let the germs grown; it's not about loofah products quality issue

Back scrubber

What're the details do we attend in a summer shower

When the summertime is coming. the temperature is going hot and hot; the body will become sticky and the frequency of shower are increasing

So, how long does it take to take a shower during the summer and how to take a shower?

In the hot summer, people's metabolism is accelerated, and the secretions of sebaceous glands and sweat glands are greatly increased. If you do not take a shower for a long time, the dirt and sweat on the surface of the skin will accumulate and produce a series of "unspeakable" odors

Moreover, summer is a season in which bacteria and fungi are active. If you do not take a shower for a long time, the skin will be easily attacked by bacteria and fungi

In general, it is normal to take a shower once or twice a day in the summer. You can take a shower for 3 to 5 minutes. shower too hard and too long will hurt your skin.

The outermost layer of the human skin is the stratum corneum, which has a certain protective effect on the skin. If the shower is too busy, the protective effect of the stratum corneum on the skin will be weakened, and the moisture in the skin cells will be more easily evaporated, causing itching and even allergies.

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