How Can We have a Beautiful Back for Women

Step 1: Cleaning the back

The back is a place that we don't easily see, so washing the back in the shower is our most trouble someplace. If it is not clean or there is no place to wash it, it is easy to grow a locust. At the same time, the body's circulation and metabolism ability are relatively weak, so the fat and waste on the back are more likely to accumulate together, thus forming the acne or acne we often talk about.

Therefore, when bathing, apply a deep skin touch to the back; you can use the daily cleanser to clean the back 2, do not use the excessive concentration of shower gel to clean the back

Step 2: Long handle bath brush

When you take a shower at night, if you can't clean your back with your hands, you can use a special long-handled bath brush and loofah to gently scrub the back. These are very convenient, very enjoyable and practical methods. The first scrub from the lower side to the left and right sides of the shoulder, then spirally scrub from the shoulder to the back of the spine. The movement force should be as large as possible so that the effect of the beauty back is good

back scrubber

Step 3: Good Habits

Wash your back pores and bacteria when taking a bath every morning and evening. When you feel itchy back, don't grab it directly with your hands. There are many bacteria in your hand, which may infect the back. In severe cases, it may cause inflammation. In order to keep the skin clean and further work on beauty, we must change clothes, especially underwear and tops. Another point is not to eat too much food that is irritating to the skin, such as desserts and greasy. thing.

Step 4: Back Scrubber

Use the scrub to help the back scrubber exfoliate and avoid pore blockage. Although the effect is very good, it can not be used frequently. It can be used two or three times a week, and it can prevent the occurrence of back acne. If the conditions permit, if you have a good appointment with a beautician beforehand, you can go to the spa to ask the beautician about the beauty of the back, with the help of professionals, the effect will be better.


loofah back scrubber

Step 5: Exercise

Doing a certain exercise on the back can not only play a role in beauty but also contribute to the health of the person. If there are many ways to lose weight, there are many ways to exercise your back. For example, sit-ups and push-ups, for female friends, doing push-ups is a bit difficult, so it is recommended that female friends do more sit-ups, further aligning the back.

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