What Some of Point Need to Attention During Bathing

When we are taking a bath, most people first wet the body and then take a bath, so because people who have not been soaked and the skin is slippery, especially oily skin, it is difficult to completely clean

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The correct way is to first wet the body, then apply soap on the body, rinse with water and then take a bath, it is easy to remove the dead skin.

Because soap can remove the oiliness on the skin, so that the skin is less lubricated, it is easy to smash the dust and dead skin. On the contrary, the bath will increase the lubrication of the skin, so do not wipe the bath before rubbing the skin, otherwise, the skin will become smoother


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When you take a bath, apply some vinegar to your body. It will be better to get rid of dead skin, but often use vinegar bath to make the skin too dry, so don't use vinegar bath often.

Red wine can also play a role in killing and anti-inflammatory, and many people are now keen to take a bath with red wine. It is also appropriate to use red wine, especially when skin allergies or broken skin should be used with caution or not, to avoid infection due to skin irritation.

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If the skin is dry or elderly, you can use a milk bath, because milk can increase the oiliness of the skin and prevent the skin from cracking.

Bathing has always been a magical thing, every time we take a bath, we are shocked, our body actually has so much dirt.

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If you are the kind of person who does not take a shower and is not happy, then I must tell you the fact that the dermatologist doctor never takes a bath. Dead skin is actually more important than we think, they are a very important part of our body. The dirt called "dead skin" is mainly composed of keratinocytes.

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The so-called keratin or keratinocytes refer to dead cells that accumulate in the outermost layer of the skin. Although they are only dead cells, they are not only used as physical barriers but as a “skin barrier” that has a great impact on skin moisturization, immunity and aging. Therefore, the skin barrier we have been emphasizing is actually this layer of dead skin.

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