Some of Attentions for Women Bath

Can't force your body. why? Because there is a layer of keratinocytes on the surface of the skin, it is a protective layer of the skin, which can block some pathogens and improve the skin's resistance. If you use your body too hard, it will damage the skin's resistance and easily induce skin infections

Don't use shower gel often, especially in private parts. the harm women of shower gel to female private parts is very large, which will make the delicate skin of the genitals more fragile and dry

Wash your hair down. many people like to wash their hair when they take a bath, but the longer they look down, the more pressure the neck is, so it is easy to cause neck pain. People with cervical spondylosis are more afflicted


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Do not take a bath during these time periods

During women of the period cannot be bathed, because it is easy to induce pelvic inflammatory disease, if you must take a bath, it is best to take a shower.

Do not take a bath when you have a fever

Can't you take a bath when you have a fever? 

Yes. Why is this? Many people think that a bath can cool down when they have a fever, but at this time the body's resistance is weak, so it is not appropriate to take a bath at this time

In addition, whether it is fever or acute nephritis, high anemia, trauma, and other diseases or symptoms, are not suitable for bathing, otherwise, it is prone to accidents.

Do not take a bath for an hour before and after massage

Many people take a bath after a massage or massage immediately after taking a bath, but this is not the right approach. Because massage will also accelerate blood circulation, once bathing at this time, it is easy to cause hypoxia, fainting or collapse.

Do not take a bath before going to sleep

Many people like to take a bath before going to bed, but this is not true. Because after bathing, your body temperature will rise, which is not conducive to sleep and may lead to insomnia. The best bath time is to take a bath after getting up in the morning so that the day is refreshing


personal care for women

Should not take a bath after a full meal

I can't take a bath just after eating, it is best to take a bath after an hour or two. Because taking a bath after a meal will not only affect digestion and absorption, but also may cause hypoglycemia, and even the phenomenon of collapse and fainting

Of course, people should not take a bath when they are hungry, because people's blood sugar levels are low, and bathing is prone to dizziness

Not suitable for bathing after drinking

Many people take a bath after drinking, but this is very dangerous. Because people take a bath after drinking, it will increase the concentration of alcohol in the blood, prone to blood pressure drop, dizziness, weakness, and even the onset of heart disease or stroke. People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay more attention.

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