TOP 5 Professional Back Scratcher in 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for a professional back scratcher for yourself? Yeah! it feels awkward when you find yourself in a situation where your back is itching and you can't reach the spot. Psst! let me tell you a little secret. I have used every tool when it comes to scratching my back. I had this super annoying allergy which made my back and head start itching so hard. It was such an embarrassing time of my life when I used to give a presentation and all of a sudden it the itching starts to happen

I used to rub my back against cement walls etc. I know you guys might be thinking what is he talking about but trust me it happens. I was so much worried about it. I visited like 3 or 4 dermatologists and they prescribed me some medicine claiming that you will never see it again. I tried all the medicine with proper guidelines but nothing happened. Things only got worst with time as the summer season started to come near and near my situation got from bad to worst


To be honest I sometimes used ballpoint pens to scratch the spots on my back where my hands were unable to reach. After that one day, I found a charming thing on amazon. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this super dead weapon is nothing new but a back scratcher. Trust me as soon as I saw the ad I ordered 2 of them for me. It changed my life I mean I struggled with the allergy for some time but still, it helped me scratch my back easily

Ok, so that was my story about professional back scratcher. If you are looking for a retractable back scratcher then you are in the right place. Today we will review the top 5 professional back scratcher that will change your life

Snowyee Retractable Back Scratcher

Retractable Back Scratcher

A great choice for homes, office and gaming rooms. This back scratcher set includes multi-option which all can order on Amazon; By three different kinds of back scratcher that feels like fingernails, bear and eagle claw shape. You can use any of these three you want. The best thing that I like about this set of three backscratchers is its durability. They are made of stainless steel which means no corrosion and no wearing out with time.

Also, the unique back scratchers design gives it the ability of telescoping which makes it highly portable. These backscratchers are easy to carry due to their extendable nature and highly durable. Now, this might shock you a little bit but it’s true, it comes with a 12 months warranty. This is a new thing for me because usually, I haven't seen such things with a warranty. Anyways The company claims that if you are not satisfied with the product quality you can contact them.

Being so durable and highly portable back scratcher makes a great gift. You can give it to your kids, wife, or your best friend. Last Saturday I gift one to my friend who spends hours with me and we play games together and trust me he likes it so much.


  • The telescoping ability makes it highly portable.
  • Easy to carry around and can fit in bags and pockets.
  • Made of stainless steel and highly durable.
  • Includes three different sharp back scratcher



  • Nothing can complain about it


BambooWorx 4 Piece Traditional Back Scratcher

wooden back scratcher

wooden back scratcher

Coming on number one of our list is the BambooWorx 4 Piece Traditional wooden back scratcher pack. You will get a set of 4 sturdy and long back scratcher when you order this package. These are made of fine quality bamboo which is extremely light and durable. The round tips of these back scratching tool make sure that you get relief from itching and don't hurt your skin.

Some times when we use sharpest back scratcher to scratch our back it may hurt our skin when can develop infections. with the help of the BambooWorx, 4 Piece Traditional Back Scratcher set you don't have to worry about a thing. The best thing which I personally like about this set of back scratcher stick is its cost. It is highly affordable and super lightweight to be carried around. It is one of the essential equipment of my personal library and gaming room.


  • Low Cost
  • It comes with different accessories
  • lightweight and easy to be carried around
  • solid grip
  • round tips prevent skin cuts


  • Tips may wear out after frequent usage
  • Blunt ends

WOVTE Back Scratcher

wovte back scratcher

back scratcher amazon

Another Great and folding back scratcher on amazon. It resembles a bear claw which makes it effective for getting rid of those itchy spots. This foldable back scratcher is also having the telescopic ability which enables you to reach un accessed spots easily. Overall the product is made of pure stainless steel back scratcher which makes it corrosion-free. It can be extended to 23 inches long handled back scratcher which can easily provide support.

The tip of the bear claw is sharp enough to get rid of itchy spots and at the same time safe enough to prevent cuts. You can scratch your back with this wovte back scratcher without any worries of hurting yourself. If we talk about the grip of this product it is also remarkable. The stainless steel covered with rubber provides a solid grip and prevents slipping


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Possesses telescopic ability
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Safe to use


  • Swiveling handle


Ohuhu Back Scratcher

 adjustable back scratcher

adjustable back scratcher

If you are someone who travels a lot. By traveling I mean someone going to workplaces etc. If yes then you will need Ohuhu Back Scratcher. Adding it to your everyday carry items works like a charm. Due to its portable nature, you can easily put it in your bag. It is only 7.8 inches that can extend to 22 inches when you are using it. adjustable back scratcher with telescoping ability are great pieces of equipment.

Another plus point about this best back scratcher is its build quality. The product is made of pure stainless steel that makes it long-lasting. If you want me to tell you about its grip then let me tell you it has a soft rubber grip. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word rubber is the flexible and solid grip. It is true the device features a solid grip due to its soft rubber handle

The good thing is that the back scratcher comes with many different grip colors which makes them look cool.


  • made of stainless steel.
  • The solid grip provided by a soft rubber handle.
  • Portable and compact


  • No such cons observed


COMBOO CS-14 16.5″ Long Back Scratcher

wooden back scratcher

best back scratcher


I call this little piece of equipment a ninja. There is a reason for that name. The first reason is its camouflage look. It may look like a wooden design but its not. The product is purely made of the high-quality plastic back scratcher. Oh! wait don't judge too quickly. I haven't even told you about its durability. The thing that attracts me towards this best back scratcher on amazon is its durability. I had this product for about two months until my son broke it while he was playing with it.

I used to keep it in my personal library and it used to work like a charm. The other reason that makes me call it a ninja was its fantastic length. It was able to reach almost every spot on my back without any troubles. There is also a massage roller attached at the end of this back scratcher that has its own benefits.

The tips of this product may not be as sharp as stainless steel products but there is a reason for that. We are here to scratch our backs right? we need a scratching tool, not a cutting tool. It is a perfect fit for your living room or anywhere you want to use it.


  • premium quality plastic design
  • Affordable price
  • Not too sharp
  • safe to use
  • wood like structure
  • massage roller included


  • Made of plastic instead of stainless steel


Buyer’s Guide

Although it may not sound very technical but some people are still confused about how to choose their first back scratcher. Or It can be how to choose their next back scratcher. Both points are valid and it is good to do a little bit of research before you invest your hard-earned money in something. Here I will share my own opinions on how I buy a back scratcher for myself.


Length is the first and most important factor for me. I often check the length of the product before I add it to my cart. There is a reason for that and that reason is simple. I want a tool that I can use to reach those points on my back where I can not scratch using my hands. Now if I buy a tool that is too short then I may save myself from some unwanted germs which is a good point on one side. But It will totally kill the reason for being a back scratcher

I would suggest always go for something that can cover all of your back without any problem. Trust me you will be a lot happy when you have something that can reach any point on your back



Durability is another important aspect that I look for when I am choosing the best back scratcher for my room. Being a father of a little naughty scientist I double-check the durability of products before I add them to the cart. My little boy loves to explore the secrets of nature he plays with almost everything that sounds interesting to him. I never stop him from doing so I mean I only warn him about certain things like don’t play with electric plugs etc beside that he plays all day.

Perhaps he wants to be a physicist like his father lol anyways as I have mentioned it before. I had a backscratcher and when I came home from work I found it into pieces. After doing a little bit of investigation I came to know that the young scientist wanted to clear his concepts about torque and many other phenomenons. He tried to open a heavy wooden door with a plastic back scratcher and after applying a little extra force it broke.

After that, I only buy products that are made of stainless steel. I mean I don’t discourage buying products that are made of plastic or wood but for me, stainless steel works best. I also recommend going to the one made of stainless steel in first priority


Things that are easy to carry around is always my first priority over bulky things. If you are looking for the best back scratcher then consider investing in one that is portable and easy to carry around. Back scratchers with the telescopic ability work like a charm especially if you are a female.

Females tend to have purses and clutches something that can easily fit into them is always a perfect idea. I would go for something that has a telescopic ability. Something that can be extended when I want to use and retracted back when not in use to save space and increase portability. If you find something that has such an ability make sure you invest in it first hand



What is the best back scratcher?
There nothing perfect back scratcher in this world. There is no perfect and best product but yes some products tend to perform better than the rest of its kind. I will suggest a list of back scratchers that I have personally used and found it works best for me




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