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The pubic hair is located in front of the women pubic symphysis, usually in an inverted triangle, covering the labia majora in front of the anus. The degree of curling, how much, density, thickness, and color of pubic hair can vary from individual to ethnic and ethnic and is not directly related to development.

What is the role of the pubic hair of a woman's private parts?

In the primitive society where humans have not yet dressed, pubic hair can block foreign bodies and germs from invading the vagina, which is the main function of pubic hair. But in modern times, the underwear can completely replace the function of the pubic hair, and the thick pubic hair plus the closed wearing habit will keep the vulva in a warm and humid environment, becoming a mold, insect, haze and various pathogens. Derivative sites that cause gynecological diseases such as lower genital tract infections.


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The incidence of women with reproductive tract infections in most Western countries is below 10%, and the incidence of reproductive tract infections among women in India, Bangladesh, and Egypt is between 52% and 92%. China's Zhao Gengli et al. have published an epidemiological survey of reproductive tract infections among married women of childbearing age, with a cumulative incidence of 46.5%. The incidence of genital tract infections among farmers is 51.7%, which is significantly higher than that of other women of childbearing age. The results of the above survey data show that the incidence of women genital tract infection is related to the hygienic habit of shaving pubic hair. Shaving off the pubic hair makes the genitals fresh and clean, which is good for genital hygiene.

6 strokes to quickly remove pubic hair

Before starting to shave the pubic hair, use a pair of scissors or a razor to shorten the pubic hair; then take a bath and apply a hot, soft towel to the hot cloth to make the pubic hair soft and easy to scratch.

Method of removing pubic hair 1. Shaving with a razor

Rub the shaving cream or soap foam and scrape off the pubic hair directly with a knife that is sold in the supermarket. Women whose pubic hair is thicker or the skin of the vulva is not flat enough is not suitable for this method.


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Method of removing pubic hair 2. Applying hair removal cream

The hair removal cream is evenly applied to the skin with pubic hair, and after 5-10 minutes, the dissolved pubic hair is scraped off with a squeegee. It is necessary to beware of genital infections during use. Women who are sensitive to hair removal creams are not suitable for this method.

Method of removing pubic hair 3. Pulling with tweezers

Use a pair of tweezers to remove the pubic hair along the direction of hair growth. This method is more durable, but it is time consuming and painful, and it is easy to damage the hair follicle and cause infection.

Method of removing pubic hair 4. Hair removal beeswax

Cover the skin of your pubic hair with a small piece of depilatory wax paper. After the wax is dried, the wax paper will be torn off against the direction of the hair, and the pubic hair will be pulled up. The waxing hair loss is less than the use of tweezers and is convenient, but the beeswax may cause irritation to the vulva skin.

Depilation method 5. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the use of a specific band of laser light on the melanocytes in the hair follicle, so that the hair follicle temperature rises rapidly until coagulation necrosis, inhibiting hair growth. Laser hair removal is best done in the hospital, because if the laser used for hair removal is not properly programmed, the fragile skin of the vulva may be burnt.

Method of removing pubic hair 6. Electrolytic hair removal

Electrolytic hair removal is the use of electric current to cut every small hair follicle in the private part. It takes a lot of time and effort. The staff must insert a tiny probe into each hair follicle and then decompose the cells that produce and nourish the hair with a small amount of electricity. Open to achieve permanent hair removal. Because it is permanent hair removal, it is expensive.

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