why do we use highlighter pen?

Highlighter pens are mainly used to emphasize or highlight important information in a text, such as key words or phrases. Highlighters help us quickly identify and remember the most important elements in a written passage, making studying and note-taking much easier. They can also be used to annotate documents while reading, allowing us to make comments.


1.Enhances comprehension: By highlighting important phrases, you can improve your understanding of the main points and ideas presented in the text.


2.Saves time: Instead of re-reading through long passages of text, best highlighter allows you to quickly identify important information.


3.Helps with note-taking: Highlighter pen can also serve as a useful tool for note-taking, as it helps you to identify key points that you can refer back to later.


4.Organizes information: By using different colors or styles of highlighters pens, you can organize information and make it easier to visually navigate through a text.


5.Overall, Highlighters are a great tool that can help improve learning and comprehension, save time, and organize information.


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